Dale Brown, Master Ventriloquist

Audience Howling with Laughter

Dale is a nationally recognized authority on communicating serious messages through “dummies.” More than an entertainer, Dale is the former president and CEO of Brown & Martin, Inc., a full-service public relations and marketing communications firm serving companies across the country. Dale’s effective use of ventriloquist puppets in the business world has been the focus of articles in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Nation’s Business, Time, Advertising Age and many other trade and consumer publications.

Dubbed “the corporate ventriloquist,” Dale’s family of characters has been featured at conventions, sales meetings, tradeshows, and special company-sponsored programs nationwide.  His unique use of ventriloquism as a serious yet entertaining communications tool led to his being selected Ventriloquist of the Year at the 15th Annual International Ventriloquists’ Convention.

Chip Martin is one of a stable of characters that B&M uses to enhance corporate communication programs and special events. The firm has developed special “mascot” characters for Kohler Engines, Society Insurance, A.O. Smith, Harnischfeger, Radio Shack, Arvin and many other corporate leaders. (A partial list of B&M “puppet clients.”)

Sales meetings, distributor events and employee presentations which include our characters often rely on original scripts that incorporate question and answer sessions between the puppet and the president of a company or other corporate executive. In this type of program, the “dummy” is able to ask questions and broach subjects that those in the audience would love to have the opportunity or nerve to talk about. Management can use this approach to introduce new programs, sales or quality objectives, policy changes, marketing campaigns and more. The programs are highly memorable, informative and entertaining.

A wide variety of companies such as Banc One, McDonalds, Kohler Co., Radio Shack, A.O. Smith, West Bend Insurance and many, many more have asked us back for return engagements to participate in numerous employee and customer programs.

Creating One-of-a-Kind Characters

Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind mascot character or a character that looks just like one of your corporate executives, B&M can create the puppet and produce an entertaining and informative script. Mascots can be used for corporate videos, commercials, sales meetings, employee communication programs and more.

Darrel Husa and his “Other Brother Darrel.” Do you have a CEO, executive or manager that could be “puppet-replicated” for a corporate event?

Darrel Husa...formerly with Kohler EnginesDarrel










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