Dale Brown, Master Ventriloquist

Group Vent Convention Photo with Jimmy NelsonJimmy Nelson with Farfel

This year’s ConVENTion was a Jimmy Nelson Celebration. The group photo featured Jimmy, front and center, with his figure Danny O’Day. His wife Betty, to the right holds Farfel. If you don’t remember Jimmy, perhaps this Youtube clip will help.

Jimmy Nelson Building at Vent Haven Museum

In honor of Jimmy Nelson, the former Building #4 was renamed the Jimmy Nelson building.  As if Number Four was a good name anyway.

Dale Brown in the Vent Haven Museum
Dale Brown inside the Vent Haven Museum. Right before this photo was taken, I got a message that one of the figures must have blinked their eyes…and Dale wasn’t in the photo!


Dale at Vent Haven Door

Dale Brown enters the door of the Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell, KY.